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Here are a couple of maps to the Reunion. Please scrowl down for the maps and directions.
The first map is a general map of the Ontario region. The star represents the Reunion, however please see the detailed map and directions further down.

Directions: From Toronto or Barrie area, take the Hwy 400 or Hwy 27 to Hwy 89. Take Hwy 89 (West) towards Alliston. Follow that road (you will pass Beeton Road and Tottenham Road) until you get to the 3rd Line of Essa (Sir Federick Banting Road). Turn right (north), you will cross train tracks, and the 5th Sideroad. Next you will look for a farm (with yellow barn roofs) on the left, that is the Reunion. If you are coming from West, follow the directions to the town of Alliston. One route is to take Hwy 50 north until it hits Hwy 89. Then drive thru town, until you hit the 3rd Line of Essa. Take it north past the train tracks, and the 5th Sideroad. Then look for the yellow barn roofs on the left.

The second map shows a farm, at 5770 3rd Line of Essa. That is where the Reunion will take place. If you need directions, please send me an e-mail.